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Striking a Balance—Beauty, Sustainability and Environmental Stewardship

It’s one thing to create a beautiful landscape—but there must be a balance so the environment benefits, too. At TechScape, we aren’t just landscapers: We’re preserving the environment, one property at a time. That means paying close attention to the resources our plants and turf demand, and considering low-water use alternatives. It means assessing the grounds for areas that could contribute to water run-off and tax our fragile sewer systems. It means auditing and integrating smart irrigation technology into sprinkler systems so we can conserve water. Your landscape can be beautiful and sustainable with proper use of the principles of environmental stewardship. There are no trade-offs when a professional takes the big picture into account with landscape design, installation and maintenance.

Focused on Environmental Improvement

TechScape has received multiple Environmental Improvement Awards from the Texas Nursery and Landscape Association (TNLA) and the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP). Projects include:

  • Resource conservation
  • Native plants
  • Water management and conservation
  • Innovative irrigation systems
  • Landscaping that complements the natural environment

Sustainable Landscape Maintenance

We use approaches including Integrated Pest Management (IPM) to control insects, weeds and disease in lawns and landscapes. This ongoing maintenance approach emphasizes cultural practices to minimize the need for pesticides and lawn care products. We thoroughly assess and report on potential pest, weed and disease issues, put an IPM program in place, and monitor the property.

  • All possible control options, including organic methods, are evaluated and integrated into the IPM program, as necessary.
  • TechScape only uses products that are thoroughly reviewed and registered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.
  • All products used are registered and regulated by the state of Texas.

Water Conservation—A TechScape Priority

Proper water management and conservation has never been so important—particularly in a drought-prone state like Texas. Landscapes that are properly designed and include smart water management tools help conserve this precious natural resource. Clients have the satisfaction of knowing they’re respecting the environment and saving on their water bills.

TechScape’s Environmental Stewardship Program focuses on water management and includes:

  • Offering programs, products and services that minimize water use
  • Specifying and installing drought-tolerant plants
  • Installing innovative irrigation systems with smart water technology
  • Endorsing the work of Project Evergreen as a go-to resource for environmentally conscious design

Think Smart—and Sustainable

With sustainable practices, you can reduce the cost of lawn care and pesticides with IPM; conserve water and reduce your water bill; prevent harmful water run-off; select drought-tolerant plants; and maintain a healthy, beautiful landscape without harming the environment. Let’s talk about how TechScape can help you achieve a beautiful balance on your property.

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I wanted to thank Randy and the rest of the excellent employees of TechScape for taking such good care of PHPC.  The grounds of PHPC are always thoughtfully managed and for that I give much appreciation to all of the TechScape family!
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